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I really wish these headaches would happen pretty much any other time of day. But nope, only when I’m tired can I feel my pulse through my whole body because my head just won’t stop.

Text 26 Nov 1 note Black “Friday”

Dear people posting how you’re gonna “boycott” businesses open on Thursday: that’s adorable. No, really. You profess to be disgusted at the materialism of the modern society, and how awful it is that workers are being taken away from their families because their employers decide to open their doors on thanksgiving, but I’ve known you for a while, and you were loudly proclaiming your bargains obtained on Black Friday last year. So do me a favor and just zip it. Seriously. If you are annoyed with a business being open on Thursday, but not annoyed that those same workers may have to wake up at 3am to be at work by 4:30 on Friday morning, just go over there into that corner like a naughty child or an animal that’s pissed on the carpet. Because you are part of the problem. And boycotting on Thursday evening just to shop before dawn on Friday morning makes you a hypocrite.

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napoleon bonaparte


more like napoleon BORN2PARTY


I feel like the horse should be facepalming, but I don’t want to take the time to photoshop it.

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Minimal Avengers Posters  \ Daniel Scott Gabriel Murray  | DA

These are so rad.

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not sure about this


not sure about this

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Okay, so I did some calculating, and here’s the scoop.

Right now, with my diminished schedule, I’m making about $100-$110 a week until something else comes up. I’m going to be starting some stuff in September, there are going to be a ton of school year jobs that I can apply…

Hey, if anyone can help:

Text 25 Jul 1 note Political scandals, and why I don’t give a fuck about most of them…

So I’m browsing through twitter and I see more bullshit about Anthony Weiner and his extramarital activities. And my first thought was “okay, so what?”, and I didn’t understand the big deal. Whose business is it if former Congressman Weiner decides he likes to send pictures and text of a sexual nature to another consenting adult? NOT MINE. What happens in his marriage is between him and his wife, and shouldn’t have a fucking thing to do with me.
And it’s not just the New York City mayoral candidate that’s been in the news. Here in Oregon there’s a Multnomah County commissioner that’s being called on to resign after reports of a relationship between he and one of his indirect subordinates. The different thing about that one is that there are allegations of professional misconduct and if shown to be true, in that incidence, the commissioner certainly should resign (the subordinate has already given her resignation), but once again, only if its proven that he abused his position for the gain of his lover.
But only in circumstances like that should any of these horribly unfortunate events ever become public. Only when a clear abuse of elected office is proven should these people resign their elected offices. Having an affair, or in Weiner’s case, sending sexual images and text to someone other than your spouse, is an intensely personal and private matter and *should remain one*. If a person can separate their personal and professional lives, why should we allow their personal issues to have any effect whatsoever on their professional life?
How many of us have had relationship problems? How would you feel if your relationship issues became front page news because of your job? How is this situation any different at all? And none of that about “elected officials have to answer to the public”. I am fully aware of the responsibilities of an elected individual. Their personal actions do not concern me, so long as they perform their elected jobs to the best of their abilities. Which is 100% possible, even while experiencing personal distress.

In the future, perhaps we can all realize that our elected officials are, in fact, human beings just like the rest of us, and do make personal mistakes, just like the rest of us. And we can come to these realizations and remember the concept of consideration for other people and their feelings and give them and their loved ones the space they need to work on correcting their mistakes. Without media scrutiny. Without catty comments in social media. Without judging them.

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WHAT IF other planetary bodies orbited our world at the same distance as the moon?

whoa Jupiter kinda in my personal bubble thanks

Jupiter would actually be terrifying.

Is that Earth orbiting Earth

there are no rules in this universe

we would get sucked into jupiter’s gravitational pull and then collide with it though so

This is epic.

Text 25 Jun More than coffee…

Four years ago, I was dating this amazing guy and had no idea what to do for him for his birthday. And then, he gave me a gift, by asking me to be his wife. And ever since, I’ve done everything I can to make his birthdays (and his everyday) as happy as he has made me. We’ve made awesome friends, and even better memories. And this is only the beginning. He’s an incredible person, my very best friend, and I am grateful to be at his side. Happy birthday hon. I love you more than coffee.

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